About ProCAARE

The ProCAARE discussion forum was originally established as a partnership between SATELLIFE and the Harvard AIDS Institute/Harvard School of Public Health (HAI) in 1996. From 2000-2005, we were pleased to collaborate with Health and Development Networks to include the on-site coverage of key HIV/AIDS conferences in Africa, including pre-conference input and post-conference feedback discussions on ProCAARE. In July 2006, SATELLIFE merged with the AED (Academy for Educational Development) to become the AED-SATELLIFE Center for Health Information and Technology and is now the primary organization that maintains the ProCAARE discussion group as a key information resource for HIV/AIDS practitioners around the world. Voluntary moderators continue to provide their invaluable services to sustain on-going information dissemination, exchange of ideas and opinions, and structured conversations.

The goal of the discussion group is to provide a forum for dialogue among clinical and public health physicians, nurses, researchers, policy makers, program managers, and other interested health practitioners both in the developing and industrialized world who are engaged in addressing the critical issues of HIV/AIDS. The sharing of current information and discussions center on the continuum of biomedical and care issues covering such topics as prevention, access to drugs, treatment, research, home and institutional care, orphans, education, training, and epidemiology.

ProCAARE ensures that the health professional in the developing world can communicate and exchange information on HIV/AIDS with colleagues around the world. A special focus of ProCAARE is to stimulate and support communication within the region among colleagues who share similar challenges and concerns. To maintain a high-quality and lively interaction, moderators actively monitor the discussion group and support the network by supplying a broad range of information on HIV/AIDS NGO activities in Africa, reports of HIV/AIDS projects, policy issues, education and training opportunities, current research findings, and other newsworthy items.